How Many Blog Posts Do I Need in Reserve?

One of the things I really love about the modern Internet is how easy it has become to find high-quality information on just about any topic. One of the things that really irritates me is how confusing it sometimes gets.

A common source of confusion that I encounter is the same term is used for different things, and “blogging” is an  example of this.

The article I linked to below is thought-provoking however it can appear to contradict some of the things that I teach my clients so I need to explain.

The article below is about those of you who are putting large amounts of high-quality content onto the Internet, and it is the quality of that content that is drawing your customers to you.

One of the ways many of my clients work is to use blogging to create lots of short posts, highly related to their business, or their geographical area. The short posts then can be fed out through social media and additionally they give extra hooks for the search engines to find the sites. This short post is an example of this type, I need not spend hours crafting words on a topic, all I do is research what’s happening out there and if I find an article that I believe will be beneficial to many of my clients then I put up a short post like this one.

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