Its not about site visitors, its about how many do something.

We want people to visit our site because we want them to do something. In the jargon this is called conversion.

start a practiceWe may want something as simple as getting the visitor to follow us on Twitter. Ultimately what we want is to do business with our site visitors.

Sure, more visitors means more potential business. The question though is what percentage of visitors are taking action?

Partly this depends on who we attract to our website. Are we getting visitors from social media, the search engines or elsewhere? If we have taken the time to make sure that visitors are highly likely to be in our target audience, then the issue is likely to become one of encouraging them to take an action to get involved with us.

The article I linked to below is not selling anything it is genuine free training available online. It is provided by a company that produces a piece of software for search engine marketers, it does most of the research you need if you’re interested in getting highly ranked.

The article I linked to has a short 14 min video that is worth watching just to get the concepts.

Have you spent hours upon hours grinding away at all the regular traffic strategies (SEO, Paid Search, Facebook, affiliates …) but damn it, they just won’t buy!? Are you spending your hard-earned cash paying for traffic but going broke?

If you’re getting even modest numbers of visitors to your site yet they are not taking action then I strongly suggest you read the article here. They also give you a very useful checklist.