A simple coach marketing strategy

What would be helpful is for you to come up with an idea for your coaching practice: then within 48 hours know if it’ll be profitable. This coach marketing strategy will give you this exact knowledge. All you need to do is a modest amount of work and pay for a little advertising. One paying client should more than cover your costs.

start a practiceAllow me to start by telling you one of my disaster stories. Years ago I came up with an idea for a coaching practice, and I followed the advice of some small business advisers where I live. I invented a business plan, writers were engaged, graphic designers directed and the website put together.

By the time I had finished the website nearly 3 months had passed: an investment of energy time and money. So I felt compelled to pursue the idea.

You can probably guess what’s coming; it never worked out. As a business idea it should have been killed stone dead at inception. At some other time I’ll tell you what happened. I’ll share some of my mistakes. The main problem I Identified was that because it was taking so long to bring the idea to market I couldn’t let go of it. As I put more time in it became even harder to walk away. Eventually it consumed 18 months of my life, costing me money and bringing me no income.

The idea in this article is simple: to get accurate and reliable information on your idea quickly, ideally within 48 hours. Then you can decide whether to continue or not.

You don’t have to have read much on this site to realise that to get a viable practice as quickly as possible you need to focus on a combination of who and what. That is who you are serving and what’s the problem you are solving.

Let’s take for an example coaching executives on marital issues. The who are the executives, the whats are marital relationships.

The first step is to create a free report on the topic: somewhere between five and 15 pages. The quickest way to do this is to search Google for other articles. Find a series of articles that make sense to you. Now rewrite them and put them together in one report. You don’t want to spend more than about three hours at this stage. We just want a free report that we can use to entice people to sign up with us.

Give the report a simple catchy title such as “How to be a successful executive and have a great marriage”.

Next, buy a suitable domain name. With our example it could be something like executive-relationships.com. Create a simple one page website – my preference is to install WordPress. Find a simple free theme, create one page and make sure it is published. Remove all the widgets on the side.

The contents of the page should be simple, the title could be something like “How to have a successful marital relationship and be an effective executive”.

Write three or four bullet points on the benefits of getting the free report.

Ideally have an auto responder account with a company such as aweber.com. This will allow you to gather people’s names and email addresses so later you can go back and promote your services to them.

Finally, create a simple form to gather names and email addresses. All the auto responders will do this for you and you just copy the code to the web page.

Then write the welcome email with a download link for the free report.

A full day’s work is sufficient for this to all be set up.

Now for the testing.

Go to Facebook and place some adverts. You can tailor Facebook to only show up for people who meet your target audience characteristics. In this example you would select people who say they are executives and in a relationship.

The advert only needs to say something simple, such as get your free report on whatever the title of your report is.

Fortunately, Facebook allows you to control your budget, so you can set an upper limit on how much you intend to spend.

Now let it run, see the response. If after a few days you see nothing, no downloads of your free report, then this isn’t a viable market for you.

Alternatively, if within a few minutes of publishing your advert you have all the click troughs you’d paid   for, clearly you’re onto something. I have seen people get more than 100 click troughs in 20 minutes. You should recover all your advertising costs with the income from your first client.

If you have a viable market, it is worth developing the service you offer. You‘ll expand the website. You’ll add information about what you do. Then, ideally, you will go on to test various adverts to find out which is the most effective.

It would be sensible to send short questionnaires to the people who have responded, to more precisely tailor your offering. I suggest you send multiple-choice, or tick box questionnaires only. As soon as people see they have to write something your response rate will drop dramatically. You can also offer a second freebie to people who complete the questionnaire, thereby encouraging them to do so.

Realistically, 48 hours from now, if you wished to, you could have identified a viable market for your coaching practice. Even if things take a little time, within the week you will know if this idea will work. You’ll know if you need to think of another idea, or you will be building a business.

With business ideas, the reality is most will not work. Being able to quickly move through the bad ideas to find a good one is part of what makes a successful business person.

I am a firm believer in the power of the subconscious mind. If you believe it takes a long time to come up with a good idea and figure out if it’s going to work for you, your subconscious is not going to come up with that many ideas. On the other hand, if deep down you know that you can come up with an idea and within a day or two have fully tested it, quite quickly your subconscious mind will learn to generate a steady stream of great ideas.

Once you have grasped the simplicity and power of this technique you could be having a casual conversation with friends on a Friday night – you know, the sort where you solve the problems of the world – when an idea comes up, and by Monday morning you can know if it is worth pursuing.

You will no longer be in those crowds of thousands of life coaches not sure what they’re doing; you will know your market and be able to move forward.