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Who am I and How can I help you??

Let me introduce myself. I’m a practitioner who’s been in the situation where I’ve had too few clients and couldn’t find how to build my business.  I’ve had times when the cash was flowing in nicely, and I’ve been through periods of time where I’ve had more money going out than coming in, with the fright and fear that I may not be able to pay the bills next month.

I now know how to build a solid practice in these difficult and often confusing times. I now enjoy showing people how they can do it for themselves.

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This is how I got here…

I spent many years working in the computer industry, ultimately ending up working for the UK health service as an information specialist. Because of the politics at the time, the job disappeared and I found myself without work.

Fortunately for several years beforehand I have been taking various courses in different types of therapy. These included bodywork such as massage and reflexology, also hypnosis and NLP.  I’d already built a small part-time practice so; my plan was to build this small business into my main business.

Two weeks after my job disappeared my wife was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  Because of the connections I had made, and the things I had learnt, in all the training courses we could see more options to help ourselves in a hopeless situation than most people would.

When Sally was first diagnosed she was told to expect about three weeks of life and the surgeon said They are going to be bloody awful! Using our complementary therapy knowledge we turned those three weeks into 18 good months before she passed away.

The result for me was a great life lesson that has become my life motto. “There is always something you can do to improve the situation.” After all if you believe tere’s nothing that can be done you stop looking.

My own private practice

In late 1994 I started pulling my life back together and building the practice. Probably like most people my initial clients came from those I knew.

I continued training, taking yet more courses. This was always done with the expectation that the extra skills would somehow turn into extra clients who’d be willing to pay more for what I offered.

My initial practice focused on various types of deep bodywork.  I found it a tremendous privilege to work with people at this level, to see real shifts in their health, improvements and in many cases getting their lives back. I just did little more than scrape a living.

Struggling to build my practice

In addition to having lost my wife, I have an additional challenge.  I am registered blind.  This means that many of the traditional approaches to building a business are not so accessible to me.

Simple things like networking events are exceedingly difficult, I do not make eye contact, I can’t gauge a person’s reaction, I cannot see people across the room and so on.  It was abundantly clear to me that I had to do something different, yet I did not know where to turn.

To hopefully boost my income I looked at various forms of “business opportunities” it was a rapid learning phase, but ultimately highly stressful and not that profitable.

Forced to change

Because my practice was focused on deep bodywork, I was finding was that my hands and wrists were weakening under the strain.  It was the coming increasingly obvious that I was very limited to how many sessions I could offer each month.

Fortunately for me because I was interested in working with people and their minds, I had already undertaken quite a bit of training in NLP, hypnosis and counselling.  It was at this stage I came across the subject of life coaching.

It certainly sounded a great subject – in line with the sort of thing I was good at doing.  However it still suffers from that fundamental flaw of most trainings, a lack of any serious business training.  A lack of any understanding of what it takes to market and solidly build a practice.

The tide turns

Because of my involvement with several different business opportunities I had contact with a large number of people who were desperate for adequate support. Consequently my coaching practice very quickly migrated into small business coaching. Working with people who worked for themselves.

What I observed was that many of the people I worked with also where interested in some sort of practice.  They were complimentary therapists, coaches, psychotherapists etc..

Quickly it became obvious that I could help these people far better by helping them grow their practices rather than focusing on the business opportunities that realistically they were never going to build – mainly because they were not naturally aggressive sales people.

My big shift in attitude

Nearly 5 years ago I had a big attitude shift.   I was still out there trying to fill my practice.

I was finding the next guru, or business coach.  Buying that next book or training course. Always looking for those magic techniques to help me build my practice.

You can probably guess what did, or rather did not happen.

For me the shift was simple. Instead of trying to find someone else that would, in effect, build my practice I decided to take responsibility for it myself.  I know this sounds strange, however this is quite common amongst many of my clients as well.  We say we take responsibility but we’re actually looking for a bit of magic out there that’s going to do it for us.

A natural consequence of this change in attitude was I had to understand what I really had to do to fill my practice.  No longer could I find yet another technique for trick.  I had to take responsibility for every aspect of my business.  From the initial contact somebody had with me to delivering top-notch service.

At this stage I realised I did not know all the things I needed to know.  From then until now I’ve been gathering resources and refining the process I use, with my clients as well as myself, to build my existing practice – one that I’m proud of. Full of great clients that are achieving great results that they just couldn’t have got on their own.

Please feel free to contact me.